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Proven Treatment for Ingrown Toenails in Raleigh and Henderson

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If you are experiencing redness and pain at the side of your toe near the nail, come see the doctors at Family Foot & Ankle Center in Raleigh and Henderson. You may have an ingrown toenail. Such discomfort is caused by a curved nail that is growing into the skin instead of straight. As the nail grows, it can cause increasing pain, swelling and redness. Left untreated, the nail can cause a wound that lets in bacteria. Harmful bacteria can lead to an infection.

Ingrown toenails occur in adults and children. You may have a genetic disposition for them, or you may have had a toe injury. Soccer players can get them regularly. Poorly fitting shoes and improper nail trimming are also culprits.

Prevent Infection & Unnecessary Pain

If there is no redness or swelling, which are often symptoms of infection, you can try the non-surgical home treatment of soaking your foot in a lukewarm Epsom’s salt solution and carefully massaging the side of the toe. If you are a diabetic or there are obvious signs of infection, you will need to see us for ingrown toenail treatment.

Our doctors will evaluate the toe to determine if there is an infection that needs to be treated with an oral antibiotic. We may recommend a minor in-office surgery to remove the problem nail. After thoroughly numbing the toe with a local anesthetic, the doctor will remove the part of the border along the nail’s side. After the bandage is applied, you will be on your way.

Prevention steps include wearing properly fitting shoes and trimming nails in a relatively straight line. If the problem does come back, we may recommend permanently removing the nail root, another relatively simple in-office procedure.

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