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Get Relief with Bunion Surgery in Raleigh and Henderson

If your feet are bothering you, make an appointment to visit the friendly Raleigh or Henderson office of Family Foot & Ankle Center for wart, bunion and hammertoe treatment. Your feet don’t have to hurt.

If you have an enlarged joint at the side and base of your big toe, you may have a bunion. Because the problem is in the bone, this painful condition will not resolve itself. In fact, you may develop even more pain with arthritis or bursitis. Our caring staff and doctors can help you find relief.

Our board certified podiatrist will start with the least invasive treatments including padding and orthotics. He will also discuss a bunionectomy, the bunion surgery that permanently eliminates the deformity and the pain it causes.

Effective Wart Removal

You may notice a plantar wart on your child's foot. Warts are caused by an easily spreadable virus. Common in kids, adults can get them, too. Though not serious, they can be uncomfortable and embarrassing.

Warts are contagious and can spread on your own body or to others. We have effective surgical and non-surgical options to treat warts.

Don't Suffer With Hammertoe

Does one or more of your middle toes always remain bent? This uncomfortable condition is known as hammertoe. Hammertoes are largely a result of genetics but can be caused by arthritis. They are aggravated by poorly fitting shoes. Without intervention, the condition can worsen and cause other problems, especially if you have poor circulation or diabetes. Whatever the cause, see us for expert hammertoe treatment. We will discuss symptom management options and surgical solutions with you.

Family Foot & Ankle Center

Come see us at Family Foot & Ankle Center for help with your symptoms. If you live in Raleigh, Henderson, Knightdale, Cary, Garner, Franklinton, Wake Forest, Zebulon, Louisburg or Oxford, call to make an appointment.